Vocal Coach

Stuart Clarke

Stuart is New Zealand's only Vocology In Practise authorised instructror, IVTOM (International Voice Teachers Of Mix) Accredited Teacher and Speech Level Singing instructror. He has over a decade of experience and is regarded as one of New Zealand's top vocal coaches with clients ranging from children, recording artists, record managers and some of New Zealand's top actors and musical theatre performers. He is New Zealand's only teacher trained and certified to teach using the "Speech Level Singing" method (A method that has helped over 120 Grammy Winners) and was one of the highest certified teachers of the method in the southern hemisphere. In 2008 he furthered his studies by travelling to Hollywood to train alongside world-renowned voice teacher for the stars and creator of the "Speech Level Singing" method Seth Riggs (Voice coach for Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder etc). During Stuart's training period with Seth Riggs and "SLS" he worked extensively for over a decade with all seven of Seth's "SLS" Master Instructors and was part of the Summer Vocal program in Hollywood two years running. As a Vocology In Practise (VIP) instructor Stuart is part of a global network of elite voice professionals, including singing teachers, vocal coaches, songwriters, producers, music industry professionals, speech and language practitioners, ENT’s and laryngologists. Stuart has worked with one of the worlds leading vocal scientists Dr Ingo Titze and has attented his workshops in Los Angeles. For vocal rehabilitation Stuart works in tandem with ENT's that specialise in working with singers and has helped troubled singers from shows such as X-Faxtor to regain their confidence. Stuart worked with award wining music entertainment company "Let The People Speak" (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Michael Jackson, The Doors, Johnny Cash). The opportunity enabled Stuart to help a wide array of well known NZ acts such as Jeremy Redmore and NZ boy band Titanium in preparation for their nationwide tour and support show for Mariah Carey. He worked with Anna Saxton from lesson one to being nominated for the 25th annual Los Angeles Music Awards and receiving NZ On Air Funding for her latest Music Video in 2005. In 2017 she started working with Babyface and Randy Jackson from American Idol and still continues to take lessons with Stuart via skype in Los Angeles. Stuart has conducted workshops for the NZ School Of Rock Rock Camp, Waikato Institute of Technology, MAINZ Contemporary Music School Of Auckland (Includes US Master Instructors), Next Offramp Auckland Choir, CPIT Christchurch Jazz School plus many church groups around NZ. He also organised the 2012 NZ Singing Intensive with Daniel Beddingfield (NZ X-factor judge) and Dave Stroud (American Idol Vocal Coach) as well as eight US Master Instructor events in NZ from 2010 - 2015. As a performer Stuart has recorded and toured as lead guitarist for well known bands such as Tommy (Loop Records) who headlined and performed at many of the big NZ festivals such as Rhythm and the Vines, Aotea Square New Years Eve, and opened for, and played along side, many well known national and international acts such as Donovan Frankenreiter, The John Butler Trio, Holly Smith etc. He is currently recording and performing with top NZ R&B singer Marjan. Singers Stuart has worked with include: Jennifer Ward-Lealand (Award Winning NZ Actor and Director), Michael Hurst (Award Winning NZ Actor and Director), Amanda Billing (Shortland St), Jeremy Redmore (Midnight Youth), Brad Dring (Rapture Rackus), The Island Boys Quartet (Most successful quartet in the southern hemisphere), Titanium (NZ's most successful boy band), Rapture Ruckus (Tui Award Winner Best Gospel Album), House of Shem (Top NZ reggae band), Zoe Stevens (Award winning singer NZ), Sam Verlinden (Parachute Festival), Jesse Hillel (NZ's got talent finalist), Kristian Lavercombe (Rocky Horror Show UK and Australia), MayaVanya (Winner of global remix competition), Nina Mcsweeny (Concord Dawn), Alex Foster (Gap 5 NZ's Got Talent), Andrew Papas (Titanium), Invader Cain, Annie the Musical NZ 2014 (x3 students), Mikael Wills (Electronic Music Producer / DJ / Musician / Ministry of Sound Sessions DJ on ZM)

Vocology In Practice (VIP) Authorised Instructor
Speech Level Singing (SLS) Instructor
International Voice Teacher Of Mix (IVTOM) Accredited Teacher


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