The Stuart Clarke online training program uses Skype and the worlds most advanced online computer vocal software used by top Hollywood Artists. The vocal software is called SINGPRO (formly known as VocalizeU) and will make the skype lessons as good as in-person with many added benefits. 

Stuart Clarke is an Authorised Vocology In Practiseinstructor and it is recommended by the SINGPRO creator Dave Stroud that all students train with a Vocology In Practise teacher alongside SINGPRO.

Stuart Clarke Vocal Studio is the official New Zealand distributor of SingPro and he has trained alongside the creator Dave Stroud for over a decade.

Note: In addition to the work Stuart will give you with SINGPRO, he will be able to take your voice to the next level by applying specific vowel tuning techniques using formance and harmonics for optimum resonance and vocal freedom! Stuart will also teach you how to apply everything you have learn’t into your songs!

SINGPRO will enhance your online lessons by giving you


  1. An automatic computer piano system to play all the scales for you that you would normally have during a live lesson.
  2. Excellent demonstrations of how the scales should sound for female, male and pre-teen.
  3. The ability to record your lessons down using audio and video and then instantly send them to Stuart to review. Cick here to see the in-built power practise system!
  4. Added benefits are the vocal evaluation, video library, vocal journal, pitch training, theory sections, Spectrogram Analysis Driven Vocal Workouts, Karaoke & Key Change Exporter, “How To” Video Library, Artist Development E-Library, Proven Vocal Technique used by Celebrities & Vocal Experts.

During the first lesson Stuart will assess your voice and customise a program to meet your personal needs!

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