Stuart Clarke trained intensively for many years under the founder of IVTOM Dean Kaelin and past all training requirements to become an IVTOM Accredited Teacher OF MIx.
Membership as a VIP expert requires a rigorously high technical and professional proficiency. VIP Instructors are selected from among the top vocal professionals worldwide. They must meet high and exacting standards to become a VIP Authorised Instructor. Stuart Clarke is the only teacher qualified to teach as a VIP instructor in New Zealand.
Level 3 of 5 Speech Level Singing Instructor. Stuart trained with legendary vocal coach for the stars Seth Riggs (Voice Coach for Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Madonna etc) and completed all training requirements to be a fully certified SLS teacher. He passed all his training requirements with in the organisation for seven consecutive years, before joining Vocology In Practise, which is a select group of the worlds top vocal coaches.
(Each level requires x2 years of intensive training and testing to pass)