Stuart Clarke has worked alongside Seth Riggs and his Speech Level Singing organisation for over a decade. His training under Seth and his team of Master Instructors in the US laid the foundation for his teaching.

From Quincy Jones to Bernadette Peters-read what the top professionals are saying about Seth Riggs and the Speech Level Singing method.

Jennifer Lopez
Actress, Singer, Dancer
New York, Los Angeles
I first met Seth during the “In Living Color” series. Right away, the “balancing” of the “bridges” or “breaks” in the vocal range began. This technique holds you together vocally during extended recording schedules, and/or the tours to promote the album.

Stevie Wonder
Producer, Recording Artist, Singer Los Angeles
I first met Seth after corrective surgery. My bad vocal habits had caught up with me, and I was forced to find a more correct way to sing. That was 23 years ago. Today, I still experiment with many different vocal styles and qualities, and the musclar freedom to do that is the result of my work with Seth. I slip occassionally, but Seth is always there to rebalance my voice. He has been my only voice teacher.

Josh Groban
Twenty-year-old singer Josh Groban, discovered by Seth Riggs and introduced to world-renowned producer/writer/arranger David Foster, Josh’s journey to his label home, the Foster/Warner Bros. joint venture – 143 Records – his story reads like that of show business legend.

Josh recieved a two years
vocal scholarship from Seth Riggs.

Actress, Composer, Singer, Dancer
Los Angeles
Like all young singers, I want to get my voice together with as much strength, quality and control as I can. It seems to me that there is always some new style, new sound or new direction in popular music. I’d like to be ready for whatever happens. Working with Seth is building a vocal coordination which prepares me to meet all these challenges.

Michael Jackson
Producer, Recording Artist, Singer
Los Angeles
A great many voice teachers, in their effort to teach a workable vocal technique, take away a singer’s style and the individuality that established his career in the first place. A great teacher is able to direct a singer toward a healthier, more extensive use of his voice without losing that special quality that sets him apart. Seth Riggs is such a teacher. His assistance on my albums ET, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory and his traveling with me on the 1988 World Tour, continues to confirm my confidence in this approach.

Luther Vandross
Producer, Singer
Los Angeles
A couple of years ago, Stevie Wonder put me on a counsel phone hook-up with Seth and we arranged to start some voice study. Soon I became involved in Seth’s technique. I bought the book and also sat in on lessons with a junior “Star Search” winner who got a contract with CBS Records (whom I was producing). Seth’s vocal approach makes the high notes solid and easy, with no need to resort to falsetto (unless for some special effect). This approach is a valuable addition to making your styling easy, always available and extending the life of your voice.

Natalie Cole
Los Angeles
I want to thank Seth for helping me build a strong “connection” into the gospel sound and ranges. (No strain and no pain, honey.) We’re “moving” with a new vocal, mental and physical health. Thank you for all those warm-ups for my Unforgettable, Take a Look, and Holly and the Ivy albums.

Janet Jackson
Recording Artist, Singer
Los Angeles I began to study with Seth when I was 14 years old. We vocalized 3 octaves and evened all the “breaks.” Today, some years later, we still vocalize and sustain nearly 3 octaves of vocal range and continue to strengthen the bridges.

Quincy Jones
Producer, Arranger
Los Angeles
When the “tracks” are hot, sweetening and balance still to consider, and release dates pending, there is precious little time to accommodate an artist’s vocal indisposition. It has been my experience that myriad problems such as vocal fatigue, lack of control, and diminishing vocal quality can be overcome or eliminated by a solid, knowing, practical vocal technique. Seth Riggs has an uncanny ability to prepare vocalists so that there is little time lost to the usual vocal problems.

Al Jarreau
Recording Artist, Singer
Los Angeles
Singing jazz means a great many syncopated rhythms and a wide range of pitches. Over the years I’d picked up some bad vocal habits which began to cause vocal strain and fatigue. In other words, I’d begun to “trash” my voice. By helping me take pressure off my chest range and getting into my head coordination, Seth Riggs contributed a relaxation and, ultimately, a better longevity for my career.

Bernadette Peters
Actress, Singer
New York City
Eight shows a week with a Broadway show, or fourteen shows a week in Las Vegas or Atlantic City – you have to be secure vocally to survive.
Seth has helped me establish a solid foundation of vocal technique, so I can meet any vocal challenge squarely and with confidence. Singers are always being directed musically by someone. It’s great to have a knowledgeable vocal point of view to protect your performance and your vocal health.