Feedback From Vocal Program Students

Hi Stuart,

I Just wanted to thank you for teaching Brooke over the past 8 weeks. She thinks your amazing! Her exact words were “he really know his stuff and teaches it so well, it’s insane!”

She has also mentioned that her singing has hugely improved since your classes, she’s been applying your teachings to all her singing lately e.g. musical theatre and at School Of Rock band rehearsals and has noticed a real difference.

She’s really looking forward to her artist development classes next month!

see you then

Selina Norton.

Hey guys! Myself , Angeline and Lea have started taking singing lessons using this method with Stuart Clarke and it has honestly helped us so much! It is so simple – you will hear results in your voice in such a short amount of time! I highly recommend this method if you are wanting to change and fully understand your voice! ? x x

Alex Foster (NZs Got Talent Finalist)

Laa Laa Girls

“I have had singing lessons using different methods which resulted in strain and tension.  I quickly noticed a huge improvement in my range, my tone, and overall confidence.  By the end of the programme I was able to sing songs that were previously outside my vocal ability with ease.  Kylie”

Kylie Fletcher

Hi Stuart, I’ve found that the vocal program has made a significant improvement in my singing voice.The combination of weekly lessons and the evaluations from the Master Instructors has really made the difference in terms of my progress which has really accelerated. I can’t wait for the next program to start.

Cheers, Aran

“I’ve been going to stuart for 6 months, before going to stuart I was having on going vocal problems from straining and wrong vocal technique I also had very limited range. Since going to Stuart i no longer have any vocal problems and my range and power has improved DRAMATICALLY. I am now hitting high notes I never thought I could have and singing a lot more freely. I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to sing or anyone who’s having trouble with their voices!”

Anna Saxton (Recently signed artist Starlight Records)